Party like an ewok on May the Fourth

It’s awesome to celebrate obscure holidays. And Star Wars Day or May the Fourth is already upon us! Here’s a few fun ways you can celebrate tomorrow (and maybe even after)…


1. Have a Star Wars movie marathon complete with Star Wars themed food, like:

2. Make Lightsaber Straws for sipping your adult beverages…

3. And then play the Star Wars Drinking Game

4. Try to talk like Yoda all day to annoy your friends

5. Play Star Wars themed games like these

And then, if you still haven’t had enough (and  are still standing from that drinking game), gear up for the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi on May 25th.

May the Fourth be with you! Oh, and shake the haters off…

About Angela
Angela has always loved sharing the awesome things she finds with friends and family, and started the awesomesauce in early 2013 as a way to share her passion with everyone. With a background in graphic design and digital marketing, she enjoys reporting on design, branding, lifestyle and pop-culture trends. Her other great loves are her French Bulldog, music/concerts/festivals, cooking, indie films, hour-long dramas on TV, social media and traveling.

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